1967 Mustang Convertible Rear Boot Tonneau Moldings Original


  • $385.00

1967 Mustang Convertible Rear Boot Tonneau Moldings Original 
  • Correct for 1967 Mustang convertibles.
  • Sold as a pair. 
  • Rear boot tonneau stainless steel moldings
  • These are very nice original moldings
  • Not dented.
  • These have been buffed out. There are no defects/scratches in the visible, top side. 
  • These are show quality.  
  • There is some factory deformation about the snap holes due to how Ford attached the backside stand off brackets.  
  • All of the backside brackets are entact which is rare! Typically, a few will be missing.
  • These are hard to find moldings, and are commonly scratched and dented due to their size. These are better than most.
  • These pieces are not reproduced.
  • This set is for 1967 only. 1968's do not have the snap holes. 
  • Shipping in a very large oversize box.

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