1969 Mustang Cougar Seatbelts Full Set Black Used Original


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1969 Mustang Cougar Seatbelts Full Set Black Used Original
  • Used, Original Ford parts.
  • These are correct for 1969 Mustang/Cougar Non-Convertibles only. 
  • Fit Fastbacks and Coupes only.
  • This is a full set of seatbelts for the entire vehicle.
  • Each of the 10 belts are unique for 1969 only.  Other years are different.
  • These are all original. They have not been cleaned up, nor restored!
  • This is a very nice set. Very good condition.
  • The belts are not cut, frayed, or damaged.
  • Not mismatched with other years that are almost the same.
  • Starburst emblems are nice.
  • Chrome buckles are not rusted and pitted up.
  • Plastic female buckles are not broken.
  • Underside rollers are not rusted up nor frozen so the belts are adjustabe.
  • Correct Y Belts for the front seats.
  • Overhead belts in nice shape are the most difficult to find. The chrome ends are prone to heavy rusting. Average condition is about a 4.  This set is above average at about a 6.5.
  • Both overheads have the elastic bands but they are stretched out which is typical.
  • Correct retractors for this year only. Not rusted up at base. Plastic sleeve not broken. 
  • Most of the date tags are on these belts. The dates are in late 1969. 
  • Like Ford did it, the buckles are matched by manufacturer for both front  vs both rear  seats.  Not all buckles were from the exact same manufacturer but they were typically paired up by location in the vehicle. 
  • Does not come with the mounting bolts--except for the retractor ones.
  • Please see details shown in the photos.

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