1970 Mustang Boss Cougar Seatbelts Orginal Full Set


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1970 Mustang Boss  Cougar Seatbelts Orginal Full Set
  • Used, original Ford parts.
  • This set of seatbelts is correct for all 1970 model Fastback and Coupe only.
  • Fit Mustang, Mach 1, Bosses, Cougars. 
  • This set is unrestored, uncleaned original set.
  • It's the nicest set of unrestored 1970 seatbelts that I have had.
  • They are all out of the same vehcle.
  • There are no "bad" belts.
  • They each have their date labels although two are loose on back seat belts.
  • All of the front seatbelts are Hammil brand. with same date code.
  • The rear seatbelts are American Safety brand with same date code.
  • The date codes are close from the two manufacturers.
  • Sunburst emblems nice in buckles.
  • No broken buckle plastic.
  • Buckle adjustment rollers are clean and belts adjust.
  • Retractors are very clean.
  • One overhead is better than most., while the other side has some pitting on chrome male end.  The elastic is frayed on ends beyond the sewn stitching so it could be cut off.
  • Overhead slide adjustment plastic is not broken--typical defect.
  • This is a very nice set with original pitina!
  • More photos can be found on my website.

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