1971 1972 1973 Mustang Boss 351 Tachometer Instrument Cluster Original B


  • $400.00

1971 1972 1973 Mustang Tachometer Instrument Cluster Original B

  • Used, Original Ford Part.
  • This has the Tachometer and Trip Re-Set Speedometer.
  • Correct for all 1971/73 Mustangs.
  • This is in average, decent condition. Not the best and not the worst. 
  • The Tachometer works!  
  • The Tach wires are not cut.
  • The Lenses had been polished and is very clean.  
  • The housing is clean. No damage.  
  • The backside circuit wiring looks very good!
  • The back face of tach has very minor crazing.
  • The back face of speedometer has rust/crazing.  But, the numbers on the trip re-set wheels on this unit appear to be good.  The ones that I could see on the inside are good as well. But there are some that I could not see because they are not visisble.
  • This is a complete unit. Nothing missing.  No cracks.  Working tach.
  • I have 16 clusters.  7 tachs do not work!  Many have major cracks! Many backfaces are rusty/crazed.  Most have trip odo numbers missing. These defects exist on most used tach clusters. Buying a cluster without knowing it's condition, or if the tach works, can be risky and expensive.
  • Being a used part, aside from the tach, I can not guarantee the functionality of the gauges.
  • Not all clusters are the same.  This is an good, average cluster but it is not for someone wanting the Best of Show!!

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