1971 1972 1973 Mustang Boss 351 Tachometer Instrument Cluster Original D


  • $300.00

1971 1972 1973 Mustang Tachometer Instrument Cluster Original D

  • Used, Original Ford Part.
  • This has the Tachometer and Trip Re-Set Speedometer.
  • Correct for all 1971/73 Mustangs.
  • This is Driver's Qualty only. Its an entry level unit.  Or good, if you have a nice replacement tach only. 
  • The Tachometer works!  
  • The Tach wires are not cut.
  • The Lenses had been polished and is very clean but it does have a crack in Fuel gage.  The crack is about 3/4" on upper right side.  It's in an area that makes it hard to see when installed. It has not compromised the lens and I added some epoxy on the edge for extra strength. 
  • The housing is clean. No cracks although one alignment pin on left side is missing.  The mounting hole right next to missing pin and its tab are good. Pointed to in last photo.
  • The backside circuit wiring is look good!
  • The back faces of the tach and speedometer are rusty/crazed. See photos.
  • This is a complete tach cluster.
  • I have 16 clusters.  7 tachs do not work!  Many have major cracks! Many backfaces are rusty/crazed.  Most have trip odo numbers missing. These defects exist on most used tach clusters. Buying a cluster without knowing it's condition, or if the tach works, can be risky and expensive.
  • Being a used part, aside from the tach, I can not guarantee the functionality of the gauges.
  • Not all clusters are the same. This is entry level only.  This is not for someone wanting the Best of Show!!

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