1971 Mustang Cougar Steering Column Assembly Used Original


  • $239.95

1971 Mustang Cougar Steering Column Assembly Used Original
  • This is a used, original Ford assembly.
  • This is a standard, non-tilt steering column assembly.
  • This one has all the pieces. Usually not this complete.
  • It is correct for 1971 only. 
  • Nice condition.
  • This has the 4 speed manual transmission firewall plate. Will also work on automatics.
  • It has the correct 1971 turnsignal switch with 1971 label.
  • Turnsignal switch looks good. Nothing appears to be broken. I removed the steering wheel so the switch was not exposed.
  • It has the correct 1971 mounting bracket.
  • Includes the wiring retention finger bracket, and plastic strap.
  • Lock out switch rod.
  • It has the key in the ignition switch.
  • Coupling rag joint looks very nice.
  • Lock out rod bushing entact.
  • Plastic sleeve on collapsing tube.
  • It has a light green steering column plastic collar and its hard to find retention clip.
  • The column seems to work fine but it was removed from a non-running car.
  • The inner column shaft is not loose.
  • It does not come with a warranty especially on the electrical parts.
  • It does not have a turnsignal lever nor the steering wheel.

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